Rapid interior attacks with less manpower

Watch the video below of a Firelance in action

Why Firelance?

We want the first firefighter(s) to arrive at a fire to be able to conduct effective interior firefighting without having to enter the compartment.

When there is no need to search for residents or when the fire makes a search impossible, why be exposed to cancer causing smoke, dangerous heat and the risk of collapsing floors/roofs? Neither should there be a need to wait on reinforcements or large water supplies in order to start knocking down compartment fires when you arrive. The beauty of the Firelance is the 360° application of water inside a compartment.

Knocks down compartment fires regardless of intensity


Firelance is designed to give firefighters an effective tool for knocking down fuel restricted compartment fires and oxygen restricted fires with minimal water usage, while remaining outside of the compartment, safe and sound, when operating the Firelance.

The main objective of Firelance is to utilise as much of the heat as possible by wetting all burning surfaces within the compartment, creating steam and thus effectively absorbing large amounts of energy with low water usage.

Firelance uses around 107 L/Min, at 10 bar pressure. It produces a plane of water around its head, which rotates around its own axis. Firelance’s application of water fog and direct stream inside a burning compartment effectively utilizes the four extinguishing mechanisms of water.

  1. Cooling of fuel and potential fuel to stop the pyrolysis
  2. Decreasing the oxygen percentage (inerting) with water in the form of steam
  3. Cooling of hot fire gases
  4. Absorption of radiant heat

Given its features, it is highly effective at combating flashovers and fully developed fires.




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